Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

My favourite and most unexpected part of parenting is how funny kids are. Isabella makes me laugh, she's honest and doesn't sugar the pill. Here's some of her latest observations:

That lady has got big teeth (at bus stop)
That Mister looks like Mr Potato Head (he did)
My little legs are tired, I need a Fruitella to give me energy (walking in fields very reluctantly)
I've run out, maybe you should get me a little drink while I look for some (refusing Daddy kisses)
Hello Fwends, I'm here (her standard greeting at nursery)
Don't forget your seatbelt Mummy or you'll fall out the car (possible slur on my driving skills)
I've made a little mess but don't worry you can clean it up (jigsaw factory explosion in her bedroom)
Thank you for having me (everywhere we go, makes librarian chuckle)
I can't weewee in there, it's all blue, I only like pink (objecting at my Gran's loo-bloo)

And my all time favourite

Mummy that little boy has just come in his pants (commenting on Mowgli's lack of trousers in Jungle Book)


  1. Hilarious. Did Miss Big Teeth or Mr Potato Head hear what Isabella said?!

  2. As I'm sitting in work reading this everyone now thinks I'm a looney as I'm sat here laughing to myself!!!

  3. Make do mum: Oh yes they heard. My girl is blessed with perfectly clear diction and oodles of confidence so projects every word right at you!

    BNM - giggling is good for the soul, glad we could assist!

    Very Bored - She has named some happyland people after you and J :) You play on our 'beach' (windowsill) most days.

  4. I Love that girl, she's hilarious! You should write a book about her funny comments, would make for a very uplifting read :o) xx

  5. She sounds like an absolute gem, not always easy to find an answer when out in public!

    CJ xx

  6. You've cheered me up. Nearly choked on a Malteser over the Mowgli comment! Hope it was said VERY loudly and in a public place.

  7. Oh, perfect! Reminds me of lots of lovely 'Mummy, why is that lady sooooo fat/ugly/smelly' comments from mine ...

  8. Lovely quotes, what a girl. I have to tell you she sounds very like my Son. He's a little bit mature now, allowing him to graduate from the big teeth / that lady's really fat type comments to 'that lady's so fat mummy. Do you think we should tell her about that purple milk that has no fat in it. It might help her grow thin. It's really, really bad to be that fat. It makes you die!' - all whilst going up in the lift with aforementioned lady!