Monday, 25 January 2010

A Lax Wedding

After an eight year courtship the Boy and I have finally decided to get hitched. No romantic proposals, just him realising that he is the luckiest man on earth to have me and asking me to 'sort it all out, youth'

In true lax style I phoned and booked the service and reception the following day for nine weeks time, popped to the shops and bought a dress off the peg and broke the news to our surprised families.

While delighted they were all a tad shocked mostly because we never bothered to get engaged. I'm now fielding phonecalls from various family members who are convinced I'm pregnant again. I'm not and if I were I wouldn't be tying the knot as it would mean forfeiting my beloved Havana Club Anejo Especial at the reception.

Isabella is insistant she is wearing her Disney princess dress as flowergirl so I may have to hide/burn that in advance.

Did anyone else have a short engagement? I'm so laidback I haven't chosen my ring yet, but have sorted the important details like the hen night! Would love to see some photos of people's weddings especially bouquets as I haven't a clue what I want.


  1. Firstly Congratulations to you all thats fantastic news. I got engaged in July and married the same year in September. Keeping it simple and enjoy your planning.

  2. I found the Confetti site really useful when planning my wedding. As for bouquets, maybe your local florist may have some photos of ones that they have done for others.

    PS I've booked my flights - excited!!!

  3. have some flower pics for you just need an email to send them to...BNMx

  4. Thanks ladies, I have a spreadsheet and am on track with the planning!

  5. Congratulations.

    I did the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are good. I still have it and look at it sometimes, probably more than I look at my wedding album. That's so twisted, I know.

    But laid back is DEFINITELY the way to go - hope you have a ball.

  6. You should plan parties/weddings/christenings for a bloody living woman!

    I'm soooooo excited....Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!


  7. Wooo! Congratulations! I blogged a few days ago about getting 'broody' for a wedding (me & Mr have been together 15 years!!). This might tip me over the edge!

  8. I had a folder, all nicely organised into sections with document wallets and all! :o) Loved my bouquet so much, not sure how to attach a picture for you on here but think you've seen my wedding pics anyway? C xx

  9. Claire I don't remember your wedding pics. Will take a neb on FB x

    BTW all the plans are coming together nicely!