Monday, 11 January 2010

Child safety equipment puts kids at risk

As new parents we've done the usual childproofing. For us this involved stairgates, socket covers and unplugging the electric fire at the mains.

Today at work I received an email from one of our partner agencies giving the link to this website which states that the socket covers are not only unnecessary but also potentially a safety hazard.

They point out that UK plug sockets have safety shutters built in so children can't poke their fingers in but use of the socket covers opens this safety mechanism potentially creating more danger. They are campaigning to raise awareness of this. This UK Government website (scroll down page) also states that socket covers aren't regulated for safety.

This is the first I've ever heard of these being dodgy! Having done some reading I feel happy that we can stop using ours but is this news to you and will you be binning yours?


  1. We never had socket covers. Bought them but for some reason they remained un-opened under the kitchen sink.

    Kinda glad now!


  2. Strange isnt it that theres this resarch showing they are unneeded yet quite often they are the first thing parents think to buy!

  3. We've seen some highly dodgy sockets here (in Bosnia). Socket covers which they can't get off have been a life saver. The UK though, has a much higher health and safety standards, and the best plugs in the world. But I always thought that the problem came not from poking fingers in, but poking things in (ariel of a remote control car for example).

  4. I would be lost without ours, soon as they see a socket various items are jammed in, with covers in situ they dont seem to notice plugs.

  5. I haven't heard about this so thanks for bringing it to my attention. My toddler takes no notice of the plug sockets at all when they have covers on, but as soon as I take the cover off to plug the hoover in or something, she's all over them.
    Might have to reconsider.

    There's a tag for a meme for you at mine!

  6. Hmmm, my little rascal has a fascination with plug sockets so we have covers in every single one within his reach, maybe I should remove them, just worries me that he will shove something else into the holes instead!!