Friday, 8 January 2010

A Meme for Me

My number one tour guide/cook/chauffeur/drinking partner Very Bored Housewife has tagged me in my very first meme. Homework already!

2009 was a fantastic year for us, we spent loads of time with friends and family having good old fashioned fun. Isabella had a year of milestones by shunning nappies, dummies, highchair, cot and pushchair and I've really enjoyed seeing her personality develop as she becomes a little girl. OH worked an obscene amount of hours as ever but we still had lots of good times.

Quite frankly my friends and family are ace and here's hoping 2010 is even better.

So my Highlights of 2009:

1. Returning to work: After stretching Maternity leave out for over two and a half years I was ready to return to a desk. Any desk would have done and Isabella was desparate to go to nursery in a "pleasemummyIweallywanttoplaywiththeotherboysandgirls" way. Seeing her develop friendships independantly of me has been a real eye opener, she has a 'best fwend' and they shreik with delight when they spot each other at school. Part-time working is much easier than I'd imagined and our work/nursery/grandparents routine is a winner with all involved parties.

2. Becoming an Auntie twice. Sort of. SIL had her first baby, making me an official Auntie and my bestest pal also had her first sproglet sending the cuteness fator off the radar!

3. A summer of holidaying with friends and their collective offspring. We invaded Sherwood Forest Center Parcs in May (4 mummies, 5 kids and a fair few chicken pox), made Very Bored Housewife's apartment look like it had been ramraided in July (4 toddlers in one bedroom is sadistic) and hit Brighton in August with a gorgeous friend, her newborn and toddler and made a fair few trips visiting friends dotted around England for fun and frolics.

4. Isabella's 3rd Birthday party: We decked out the village hall in streamers, bought lots of balloons, baked a cake and invited all her 'fwends'. The children were suspiciously well behaved (I am still reeling from the shock) many cakes were munched, carrot sticks avoided and I was incredibly touched that out of 24 children invited (some scattered across the country, living a good few hours away) only one didn't make it due to a prearranged date with Peppa Pig Live.

5. Getting some grass. Really. After 3.5 years of having a muddy field out back OH finally finished the middle bit of our garden and laid some turf. Result. Blessed with a long, hot summer Isabella spent many happy days splashing about in water and digging up my plants. Evenings were ace, we would sit boozing on the decking once the little one was asleep and our neighbour would walk across and wobble home.

So that's me done, hope VBH gives me top marks.


  1. Awww Fab stuff. I recognise that beach. xx

  2. She still talks about it! Happy days xx

  3. You and Isabella are social animals!

    I still can't get over how well behaved all teh kids were at Isabella's party either! It was a-maaaaa-zing!


  4. Glad to hear that returning to work is one of your highlights of the year - very inspiring. Am back to work on monday - need a desk and a PC to make me feel human again.

  5. very dull arsewipe.

  6. Thanks for comments Insomniac Mummy, VBC and Jumbly Mummy, thewatchman you'd better sleep with your eyes open or you'll be sporting a nice 'tache come Sunday morning :)