Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Long walks for little legs

I'm so proud of my girl today. With nursery and my work closed, we went for a walk around the village in the thick snow with our neighbour and the dog. Isabella walked all the way! 2.1 miles all through snowy fields and paths which is a long way for little legs, usually Daddy has to carry her a fair part of the journey. She was heavily bribed with fruitellas at the end mind.

It started snowing again while we were out, as soon as OH gets home from work I am escaping back into it with the mutt. At night the fields are magical, last night it was beyond pretty with all the hedges and trees covered in snow and fluffy white fields, I need to make the most of it before it turns to wet slush!


  1. Why hello there missus, funny who you bump into round these parts isn't it.


  2. I wish we lived near pretty fields and not up a hoofing great hill!

    Love the picture.


    P.S I agree with VBH, fancy meeting you here! ;)

  3. Just tagged you in a meme - you know just to throw you in the deep end....