Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Detoxing Dullness

I have now completed three days of the juice detox and it is so boring!

I don't have a physical hunger as the juices are really filling but omg I have food cravings. Beans on toast with brown sauce and grated cheese.... a cup of tea.... hummous, mixed beans and peppers on pitta bread... I can not stop thinking about food - it's only been three days!

Yesterday was really hard, I felt exhausted and had a pounding head. I ended up taking a nap with my little girl and sleeping 3pm-6.30pm! I was back in bed by 9pm and slept really deeply.

I cooked steak pie, root veg mash and greens for my boyfriend and daughter tonight for tea which I didn't fancy at all but I am dreaming of mashed sardines on warm pitta bread. Ahh well almost halfway there now...


  1. Well done you, I've only really attempted Detox once and I really crave a Coke after day 2, it definitely made a difference to my skin and I noticed my celulite had improved, mind you this was over 15 years ago.

    Sardines are a weird thing to crave.

  2. Sardines are lush,mashed onto toast or pitta is the best, I am soooo looking forward to some :)

  3. Make me hungry now :-)

  4. How on earth did you manage to cook a meal whilst spending the entire day only drinking juice?

  5. I couldn't survive on a diet. I need to eat because of my epilespy, but I'm hungry now you've been talking about food.

    CJ xx

  6. Fair play to u hun, I don't think I could do it. Been thinking of doing slimfast for a while, but I think I'd miss not actually eating food for 2 meals of the day.