Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Grumpy Meme

Very Bored in Catalunya has tagged me in the grumpyness meme.

I'm not especially grumpy but these are the things that I don't like to spend time dwelling on:

1.Doves nesting in my satelite dish - cooing constantly, interfering in my picture and generally being flappy and annoying.

2. The hanging basket mystery - two identical baskets of winter bedding, one each side my front door, have been flowering nicely since last September until one randomly died last week. The other is still lovely, they both are watered/fed exactly the same so this has troubled me somewhat.

3. Annoying toddler quirks. This includes but is not limited to: walking really slowly downstairs when I am carrying something heavy behind her, shrieking for no apparent reason, refusal to wear pants without having a long discussion about that day's princess of choice and which colour trim, shouting when I am on the phone to anyone vaguely important and vomiting whenever we are on the M1.

4. Unfairness. This covers kids getting ill, friend's losing precious loved ones in hasty succession and bad things happening to good people.

5. Running out of rum and/or diet coke. I get emotional.

6. Moaners who need perspective. Get a grip.

7. Judgy people. Don't tar everyone with the same brush, some people that you might stereotype could rock your world if only you'd open your narrow little mind.

That's me done, happy days :)


  1. I forgot you were a happy cheerful soul. Glad you managed to dig deep and find your inner grumpiness. xx

  2. Oh, number 3, I'm getting grumpy just reading that and I'm a cheery soul too! Good list. Do you know what makes me grumpy - people that huff and puff when they're standing in queues. Why waste your energy? It's a queue. You wait in it. That's what they're for. Grrr