Friday, 16 April 2010


Well our lovely honeymoon has just been extended indefinitely.

We were due to fly home this evening but due to the current restrictions on UK airspace our flight has been cancelled.

Monarch advise on their website they won't rebook flights before Tuesday at the earliest - my poor brother is due to sit his GCSEs this Monday!


  1. The truth is my friend that they do not want you back in the country ;)

    Your poor brother, that is going to be hard x

    Hope you can enjoy the sunshine x x x x x x
    lots of love x x x x

  2. Oh no, I hope they get you back soon and that they can work something out for your brother.

  3. Hope the school can sort something out for your brother and you can all get home quickly. xx

  4. Hope you get back soon! There were a few test flights today, one from UK to Ireland. We also heard a plane in sky today so hopefully things with get going soon! D x

  5. What a nuisance. An extended holiday. Hope you get home soon.

    CJ xx