Sunday, 6 September 2009

Getting older

Young I may be but there are certain things that really hit home that I am growing up and possibly turning into my Mum.

My birthday last week meant I had a little money that was most-definitely-not-to-be-spent-on-the-little-one according to my big brother.

OH duly took me shopping and I bought myself a coat on the basis that it was thin, lightweight, waterproof and would fold up small enough to go under the pushchair or in my handbag. I suspect my Aunty Deborah may have the same one but don't want to dwell on that thought.

I then went to the garden centre today with my Mum and spent a hefty chunk of my remaining pounds on winter bedding plants for my hanging baskets.

Next year I suspect I may be wanting a greenhouse and a rocking chair for the garden.

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